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Training: The Hardest Thing to Do

It’s 6:38 am... I was going to work out this morning starting at 6:00 am but there was a hard rain last night and I knew the streets would...

Staying True by Senior International Master Caraway

Staying True   In my past 57 years of training and 47 years of teaching martial arts to the masses, I’ve see plenty of new trends come and go.  Some were...
Senior GM Ro

Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Song Moo Kwan

Dear Song Moo Kwan Family! I would like to celebrate our 70th anniversary of the birth of our school, Song Moo Kwan, together with you in this New Year 2014....
High Ranking Black Belt

Seeking High Rank as a Black Belt

Often I have been asked what is required to achieve 8th Dan Ranking. During the 2014 Season, there are several people who have been recommended to receive that honor...

Early Development of Korean Martial Arts

People in primitive ages no matter where they lived, had to develop personal skills to fight in order to obtain their food and to defend themselves against their enemies,...
Grand Master Yong Kil Kim

Grand Master Yong Kil Kim

Grand Master Yong Kil Kim is a true pioneer in the introduction of Taekwondo training to the United States, establishing the famous Do San Tae Kwon Do School in...
Grand Master Byung Hoon Park

Grand Master Byung Hoon Park

Grand Master Park, Byung Hoon (known  as “Lion Park”) is a first generation Song Moo Kwan practitioner under Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro. While in Korea he was...
Supreme Grand Master Byung jik Ro

Doju (Founder) and Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro

Supreme Grand Master Ro was born July 3, 1919 in Kaesung City, Korea. Growing up the youngest of 4 and frail in health as a child, Grand Master Ro...
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