Yu-Shin Gumdo: the Difference


Reawakening or seeing yourself incarnate as the avatar of an ancient warrior may not be an easy undertaking. In the realm of fantasy, we generate these lives in online games or day-dreams… but maybe only in half-hearted reality. Escape to a more traditional time of honor, respect and ritual, permits a resurgence of candor in serious martial arts training; whether capturing the art and way of the Samauri of Japan, the Hwarang Warriors of Korea, or the esteemed home of China’s Shaolin Monks. Regardless the choice of champions, and the era in which they thrived, there is an authenticity which makes antiquity meaningful. Moreover, it makes history and tradition – invaluable.

Yu-Shin Gumdo is named for Korea’s most famous swordsman; General Kim, Yu-Shin. Whose life has been steeped in legends of gods and miraculous tales, rising to meet his actual accomplishments.

Sin Geom

Sin Geom is the formal name of Yu-Shin Gumdo. “Sin Geom” denotes a recognition of the original swords of Korea with double sided blades. Including the famed “Tiger Sword”.

Today’s practice incorporates the “do”. The type of word influenced by the more common Japanese system of sword play.

Sin Geom Yu-Sin Gumdo denotes the melding of past and present to provide the utmost inclusion of combat application from multiple systems and disciplines of study in order to present the most compelling demonstration of expertise assembled.

If you are one who seeks more. One who loves the art and majesty of the sword, then Sin Geom Yu-Shin Gumdo training will only add to your professional aptitudes. The representative systems of study handed down through the ages is encapsulated in the legend of Korea’s greatest swordsman. Brought to life by those who can envision themselves as one of these ancient notable warriors.

World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumdo

The World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumdo is NOT an association. We accept students from all associations, federations and organizations. We can also provide formal accreditation, as necessary.

Sin Geom and the World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumdo are affiliates of Seowon University (Tucson, Az USA), providing a higher (mastery level) martial arts edification for all serious aspirants, no matter your current rank or level of knowledge.