SinMoo Hapkido’s Highest Level

Sung Hwa Do Hapkido

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do is a place. A place out of time. A place for your mind to contemplate and meditate within the confines of Hapkido technical expertise. It’s meaning is that of “Holistic Harmony”.

Holistic meaning; well-rounded, all inclusive, or complete. Harmony meaning; synchronization, accord, or agreement.

Within these two representative worlds, we focus and emphasis the execution of expert techniques with “no thought”. We tame the ego in favor of ability. The absence of self-image, instead being lost in time and space to comprehend why we train, why we teach, and why we hold dear to concepts and precepts of dominating emotion, removing fear from any circumstance.

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do does not remain focused on the question of whether there should be a sport element of Hapkido, or whether the traditions of the past should have Hapkido remain pure to its combative traditions. Instead, we provide a place where others may come, regardless of association, organization, or affiliation, that they may train in technique. That they may share with others, their understanding of Hapkido as a martial art. That they may share with Hapkido’s founder, Doju-nim Ji, Han Jae, their thoughts and philosophies in relation to the execution of each technique.

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do is the home of the founder. A place where we may discover the original intent. The majesty of training without hidden agendas. The elevation of one’s personal abilities. SinMoo Sung Hwa Do is the place where the next level, the highest level of Hapkido is taught, shared and prepared for demonstration to the world.

You are invited to come and share. We have prepared a place on the mat for you.