Combat Survival For Military Personnel


Purpose: Instruction of Military and Law Enforcement Personnel on techniques of unarmed combat supportive of non-firearms use when operating in hostile environments.

Description: Expansion of Techniques currently in use by Military and inter-governmental agencies, for survival when use of firearms is unavailable. This course is beneficial to all military personnel and designed the enhance individual skill-sets and protection in sudden, unexpected, violent confrontations.

Methodology: CTA Combative Skills Course is broken down into two sections; Unarmed Combative; and, Edged Weapons Assault. Each section deals with demonstration, the application, of impact strikes used in Close Quarters Battle (CQB). Learning sequences of flow in execution, emphasizing awareness, distancing and positioning. Slow repetition to rapid execution, enhancing instinct counter capabilities of the most common violent encounters.

Goal: The goal of this CTA Combative Skills Course is to bring the individual’s CQC/CQB tactical awareness to a level of competence, effectively neutralizing an assailant during an unexpected violent assault.