Personal Protection Programs

Personal Protection Programs

Military and LEO Personal Protection Training Curriculum has four training modules:

Module 1: Fundamentals – a thorough study of the techniques that form this simple, yet highly effective SCARS hybrid curriculum of close quarters combat. Topics covered are movement, blocking, natural weapons, primary targets and attack sequencing.

Module 2: Counter to Unarmed Assault – application of CTA principles to various unarmed assault situations. Topics covered are secondary weapons and targets; arms, clothing and hair grabs; body seizures; locks, chokes and ground defenses.

Module 3: Counter to Weapons Assault – instruction of effective response to weapon wielding assailants. A reinforcement of the previous two modules and ‘realistic’ re-enactment of realistic weapons assault. Topics covered include; assailant direct assault (wielding impact weapons), knives, handguns and long guns.

Module 4: Special Combatives – a step into the field of specialized offensive techniques. Principles and techniques are reinforced, while integrating combat response techniques. Topics covered are principles of combat with multiple assailants, vital area assault; stick combat; combat knife technique; covered draws (gun and knife), grip, stance, movement and snap techniques.