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Seowon University elevates martial arts mastery to reflect it’s original intent of preservation of life, history, and art. We edify individuals that they may attain the highest level of skill ever found in any discipline of martial arts. Seowon University provides certification in honor and respect of technique and tradition.

There are three integral parts to training with Seowon University which permit training while supporting your need for continued attention to current teaching and school related activities. If you are a Black Belt practitioner/student, this program is meant to enrich your current knowledge base, while enhancing your personal skill-set. If you are an Instructor participant the training regimen provided becomes blueprint for supporting, and enhancing your current student base.

We are happy to be able to help you in taking your martial arts career to the next level. The first step you need to take is to identify what your goals are. Do you have an established school that you would like to improve or expand? There is a Dojang management course to meet your needs. Have you wished to improve your personal skills and prepare for rank testing but have no senior master to train you? We have training for rank advancement.