Principles – International Master Instructor Randy Lance


Principles of martial arts are defined in mental and physical terms. The Tenets define the principles. Principles I teach and pass down.

Integrity is the concept of a persons derived from the same core set of values. While values may change, their consistency in action determines their degree of integrity. Acting honestly according to a person’s beliefs and values at all time. Integrity can also be seen as a virtue in that accountability and moral responsibility are necessary tools for maintaining consist moral attitude.

Concentration is the ability to focus, tune out your surroundings, allowing the mind to act without any distractions.

Perseverance is commitment, hard work, patience, and endurance. Someone who is calm and does not complain has perseverance.

Respect and Obedience, a formal expression or friendly gesture that shows another person that you appreciate them or look up to them. As a Martial Artist you must act in a obedient nature and carry out commands and be compliant with your peers.

Self Control can be perceived in a few ways. One of which is philosophical and might be described as the exertion of a persons own will on one’s personal self, basically their behaviors and actions. Much of this comes from the perception of self and the ability to set up boundaries and have the ability to control themselves over mind and body.

Humility someone who is modest and humble and doesn’t put themselves above others as if they are better or more important.

Indomitable Spirit break this down, indomitable means incapable of being overcome. Spirit has several meaning, it’s the soul of a person or there life force. It’s a part of a persons mind, will and feelings.  When you put both together it’s the part of a person which makes them unique, that part of a person which provides hope, strength and courage to get up and face each day with a smile.

When teaching physical principles of martial arts I try and look at the curriculum as a flowing stream which finally ends at the ocean. Each gup has a set of requirements which will hopefully reflect a well rounded person mentally and physically. Although each person is different and may have certain challenges or differences. I try and find the strengths of each person and help them build from there. I also strongly believe in the basics for all levels which is the foundation for correct physical martial art principles. When I’m talking about physical principles I am talking about our stances, blocking, punching, and sparring reflected through hyung’s we study and practice.

The nature of a good instructor is to have a deep understanding of one self. It doesn’t mean instructors have all the answers. Good instructors must also be skilled at asking questions and remain aware of the ongoing need to explore the answers to these questions.

Instructors tend to see what they teach as being “the right way.” A good instructor must allow students to look like themselves. Students must not become mini-instructor look-alikes. Training and teaching must be honest. Being constantly aware of what we are projecting to others.

A deeper understanding of the connection between the past and present has begun to materialize for me. I am beginning to understand at a deeper level what my teachers repeatedly attempted to convey to me. The essence of teaching is the belief that the principles of martial arts training have a meaning beyond the physical or mental aspects. Teaching, and the desire to teach, are based on love and conviction of the innate goodness of the human race.

I choose to teach because I believe that life is a journey of self-exploration. Teaching gives back the information and direction found in the self-exploration. To keep the martial arts heritage alive, we must not separate the knowledge of the past and present. The instructor is the guide in this self-exploration, and must continually learn and give back the gift of positive personal growth.

Martial Arts is about our inner spirit. We are all different which makes everyone special in there own way. Each one of us will share, teach, and love as brothers and sisters. In the past 31 years of my martial arts experience, these are the same mental and physical principles. The philosophy sometimes is different but the over all principles are applied the same.

Master Randal S Lance
International Master Instructor
6th Dan Black Belt
Olympia, Washington