Training: The Hardest Thing to Do


It’s 6:38 am… I was going to work out this morning starting at 6:00 am but there was a hard rain last night and I knew the streets would be flooded.  After all, you can’t get a proper workout if you are dodging puddles.

It’s 7:05 am… I guess I should grab some breakfast before heading out. After all, I need to get some energy before burning all those calories.

It’s 7:30 am…  and I am ready… but I haven’t put on my uniform.  After all, I will be doing road work and that might be a bit showy.

Is this you? Or, are you looking at it differently:

Oh, crap, It’s 6:38 am… and I wanted to be up and training at 6:00 am.  I jump out of bed, slip on my dobok pants and lace my tennis shoes.  Okay, no training partners this morning, so I grab my sweatshirt, a soft towel and head for the kitchen.

As I drink down 16 ounces of ice cold water, I plan my route.  Fantastic!  It rained last night. That means fresh air, dodging road hazards and enjoying the freshness of the new morning.

Okay, maybe you are somewhere in between. But, training does not have to be drudgery.

When you make out your training list for the next few days, week or month – Don’t overload!  Add just a few simple goals from which you can build – AS YOU FEEL LIKE IT.

Maybe it is walking for an hour.  Then, deciding to walk through your forms.  Or, maybe a few One-Steps with an imaginary opponent.  Take your time.

Maybe this is just a stretching day. Heaven knows we need more time for stretching as we grow older.  The point is; we need to make a plan and stick to it.  Not beat ourselves up over not being able to compete with what we wanted to be doing.

Why this dialogue in the new month?

Because many of you have been asking how to re-motivate yourselves to the coming year.  There are testing dates coming up (Maybe even your own), and the list of “to do’s” seems to be getting longer.  The question that comes now is “How do I manage it all.”

If you are the Instructor, Master or Grand Master – you just DO IT!

Look at things this way; You need to schedule time for yourself.  If you have time to go out with friends, go to a movie, or do any other leisure activity, then you can find 30 minutes for yourself.

You can get back to meditating.  You can stretch against the wall.  You can practice your stances while doing the dishes or cooking.  The tasks that were once given to you to achieve, the ones you now give to your own students, are the very tasks (challenges) that help you rededicate yourselves to your own prowess.

We all get older.  We have knee replacements, hip replacements, ankle problems… (even pace makers), and a dozen surgical reasons for not training.  Yet, we have only one excuse for not training.  We are waiting for some life-changing event. Some re-dedication ceremony that comes from some celestial being telling us that we must.  Or, we haven’t found reason enough to make that commitment…

WAKE UP!  This is the point where you are ready to retire from the martial arts, or BE what you purport to be.  This is the point where NOTHING can stand in your way to present yourself as the expert you are.  The person your Instructor lets everyone know you are.

Senior Grand Master Ro, let me know that his nephews are a bit nervous to train with me later this month.  They are unsure of their abilities and what I might be looking for in their training.  If Senior Grand Master has no concerns for me and my skills, then I should have no concern.  I should be prepared to teach, defend, or demonstrate at any point in time.  So should each of you.

Can you step onto the mat and let everything else go? Absolutely. Do you want to know how?

Be the second person shown above.  We may all oversleep once in a while.  But that isn’t the end of the world.  And, if you need a training partner, then get one.  They don’t have to be all that great technically – they have you to teach them.

Here is the key to your ultimate success:  Small steps build upon each other.  Small decisions become stronger and reinforce the fact that you will overcome all obstacles.  Remember our Motto: “If you can do one thing, you can do anything.”  No matter how hard it may seem, at first.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is.

I just ask myself if I am doing all I can to support and defend Song Moo Kwan and our methods of advancement… for Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick, Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang… and myself.

The hardest thing to do is put on the uniform. The rest comes easy.

So, please give us some feedback on how you stay motivated.  What’s your secret?